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United Peace Initiative

The United Peace Initiative was created to promote world peace. In these volatile times in which we live, plagued with war and constantly looming nuclear threats, it is wise to reflect upon, not our differences, but what we have in common, as members of the human race. We all share the same world and it is our responsibility to take care of it, for ourselves, and future generations.

When people senselessly and unnecessarily die to violence, no one wins. When war and nuclear tests pollute the environment, disrupt global weather, creating strange climate changes and anomaly occurrences the likes of which we have not seen before, everyone that calls themselves human beings is at risk, as we all inhabit the same home - earth.

We may not speak the same language, live in the same country, wear the same clothes and eat the same food, but we all have a vested interest in peace, truth, equality and justice, as when these factors are present in each country, the need for global conflict, war, nuclear propagation and disharmony diminishes.

We need to work toward the mutual goal of global disarmament and world peace. Our children deserve a future - and one of peace with a livable global environment that hasn't been ruined by mistakes and poor choices of the past.

The Role Of Government

Each world government should strive to work in conjunction with fellow global entities to promote clean air, clean water, education, peace, religious freedom and justice. If each nation does its part the world will be a better place.

The role of government is never to enslave or burden the people, but to create proper legislation, enforce laws and inspire national pride that leads to societal improvement.

Governments should always bear in mind, they are there to serve the people and not the other way around.

Sanctity Of The Home

A lot of the problems in this world begin at home - in the home. Lack of ethics and communication can plant the seeds of discord that will sprout into attitudes of disunity later in life. This must be reversed.

The home should also be private and a sanctuary. What you do in the privacy of your home should remain just that, private, your business, as long as it is legal and not violating anyone's rights. That means your mail, telephone, internet service and actual home should be free from third party interference and intrusion in the form of government or any other unauthorized entity.

Citizens are happier, more productive and peaceful when their civil liberties are protected and not open to abuse. The right to privacy is important, as it is in essence, the right to human dignity and every man deserves that.     



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